PBM Ortho

When PBM Ortho is combined with aligners or braces it reduces treatment time and pain.

PBM Ortho increases the bone response to the orthodontic treatment, speeding up the tooth movement while keeping the health of the gums.

Speed up orthodontic treatment

PBM Ortho is a non-invasive way to enhance a patient’s own healing ability by harnessing the power of light technology.

Using a highly innovative approach that incorporates cutting-edge scientific research delivering technology to change the way orthodontics is done.

Why add PBM Ortho to your patient's treatment?

Save time

Fewer appointments means less time missing school or other activities

Faster treatment

Faster aligner changes means quicker results!

Less pain

Reduces the pain that orthodontic treatment causes when teeth move.

Doctor Benefits

Why should doctors use PBM Ortho as part of their treatment plan?

PBM Ortho Device

PBM Healing Ortho

Flexible & comfortable mouthpiece

Easy to use

Faster treatment times

Gentle therapy

Why Light Therapy?

PBM Ortho uses 850 nm near-infrared (NIR) light, which is similar to heat lamps, to deliver energy gently but directly to the bone and tissue around the roots of the teeth. Similar to plants and photosynthesis, the tissue can absorb this light energy and convert it to chemical energy, which stimulates the cells for faster bone and soft tissue regeneration and faster tooth movement.

Science of Photobiomodulation

Using the science of photobiomodulation, PBM Ortho’s mechanism of action is to enhance the biology of the treatment area and improve the healing of the bone and soft tissues, enhancing tooth movement and improving the healing of the bone and surrounding tissues

ATP production

+ ATP production by mitochondria is essential for cellular function

– ATP production decreases in wounded tissue due to diminished blood circulation

In a healthy cell

Mitochondrial electron transport (1) “burns” food, (2) Pumps protons (H+), A high concentration of Protons produces ATP through ATPase (3)

In a wounded cell

Wounded cells have decreased blood supply and nutrients leading to decreased: “burning” (1), Proton pumping (2) and ATP production (3)

Using PBM therapy

PBM Ortho light therapy stimulates Cytochrome C Oxidase to pump Protons > Increased proton concentration > Increased ATP production

The science behind Photobiomodulation

WaNt PBM Healing at your office?

Our sales team will be more than happy to discuss how PBM Healing products will benefit your practice.